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Our solution is specially formulated with fast acting Eco Certified DHA to help achieve a beautiful sunless tan while shortening the wait time to shower. Average tan lasts 8-10 days. Our solutions are Eco Certified, Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Vegan.

Your spray tan is polished off with a shimmery dusting of Glow By Erin finishing powder which helps protect and set the spray tan while it is developing.


Tanning Timeline

Use this handy timeline to know when to take action to ensure you achieve the best tan results possible!

What Day Should I get my spray tan?

  • 2 days is the perfect day to receive your spray tan before any event

Day Before Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Shave or wax to remove unwanted body hair

  • Moisturize before bed to give an extra hydration boost.

  • Complete any other beauty services such as manicures or pedicures.

Morning of Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Shower as normal, then exfoliate entire body with an oil-free exfoliant. Dry Brushes, nylon exfoliation mitts, and loofas work best.

  • DO NOT apply makeup, deodorant, makeup, perfumes, or moisturizers.

  • Wear dark colors, but avoid drawstrings, ball caps, tight-fitting jeans and leggings, rough fabrics, or anything that will make you sweat after your spray tan!

At Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Pull hair away from face and neck, and secure with a hair tie, and remove jewelry

  • Please feel free to wear a dark colored bathing suit or dark undies.

After Your Spray Tan Appointment, Before You Rinse Off

  • Avoid anything that will get your spray tan wet (exercising, swimming, hot yoga, rain, etc.)

  • DO NOT apply moisturizers, try to avoid fragrance oils, colognes, make up, deodorant, etc.

  • When it is time to rinse off: USE WATER ONLY. 

  • DO NOT use soaps or shampoos on initial rinse!

After Your Spray Tan Appointment, After You Rinse Off

  • Maintain your tan with spray tan safe moisturizer, or DHA-infused Tan Extender if desired.

  • Apply additional moisturizer after anything that will dry out your skin (working out, ocean water, hot tubs, chlorine pools, excessive sweating, etc.)

  • Your face will fade faster than the rest of your tan: use a DHA-infused Tan Extender to maintain a flawless, even tan. Apply at night before bed for best results.

Remember: Your tan will last longer the better you treat your skin!

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